Country: Ukraine

Title: Protecting Mother



Protecting Mother

It describes tender, sensitive women with incredible strength inside.

It shows modern ladies that always keep their families’ happiness, calm and peace.

Sometimes they even protect their Motherland.

The canvas portrays protecting mother who defences us from violet world.

A titmouse, a bird, in her hands is blue and yellow and indicates colours and beauty of Ukraine. Hans look like an embroidered towel which is a symbol of defence.

The face is also extraordinary. Reeled dolls are made with such faces. Lines : horizontal – native land, vertical – the road towards God.


Olha Hrebenyk, 23 years old

Was born in Konotop,Ukraine

Has studied visual arts for 6 years at Konotop Art School.

In 2017 finished Kyiv University of Arts.

Has studied psychology at Sumy University

Since 2017 works as a secretary of Konotop Polytechnic, additionally works as a supervisor of a social volunteer club at a charitable fund ‘Viden’

Loves visual and hand arts. Always creates handycrafts, holds workshops for students and disabled children.


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