Morrigan A. Chadain

Country: Ireland
Vivisected Butterfly

As an Irish born Artist and Poet, my work is heavily inspired by ideas of fantasy, isolation and the movement of feminism concerning the rise of the 4th industrial woman and her place in society.

I wish for my work to be remembered and not just mindlessly consumed in an age of mass digital media consumption. My hyper-feminine imagery and style is used to discuss our modern distaste for femininity, despite its allure. A perfect dichotomy with modern cultures obsession with beauty but contempt of feminine interests, impressions and representations.

I am inspired by artists such as Cindy Sherman, Ana Mendieta, Pacita Abad ,H.R Giger and Megumi Igarashi.


My work focuses on traditional visual art with poetic inspiration. Each piece of my work has an accompanying piece of poetry, as a method of explaining the emotions and ideas of a piece. I like to create aspects of traditional visual works afterwards in order to expose further layers of a piece.

When asked about my work, I prefer to engage the viewer in its poetic counterpart to discover the impact of my ideas on the viewer/reader, rather than explaining it’s personal meaning and taking agency away from the viewer.