Konotop (Ukraine) 2019

In June 2019 we were invited to the Ukrainian city of Konotop to take part in a series of workshops, organised by Dr. Margarethe Brugger and Sabina Baumgartner. It was called Transart summer school and was the second event organised by a group of doctors from Austria who were in Konotop in 2018 to advise the local people on health issues. The events were designed to introduce medical professionals and people working in various organisations in the district, to art therapy. We were accompanied by the well know artist Veronika Dreier from Graz, she worked with a group of seven young art students to create pieces for See the Big Picture, the results were amazing and the dedication and joy for the students to be advised and encouraged by such an esteemed artist was something to witness. They spent almost two weeks painting a series that is now an integral part of See the Big Picture. It was a huge honour for us to be there and to also play some concerts for the population of Konotop. It was a big success, the introduction to the people was held in the city hall of Konotop and all the local dignitaries were there, we were entertained by folklore groups and classical musicians, children with gifts of bread and salt, friendships were made in these two weeks that have grown stronger as time passes. For See the Big Picture this was very encouraging, not just because we had seven new artworks but we became aware that the message of StBP reaches people’s hearts. The whole town must have seen the exhibition that was combined with 10 paintings we brought with us and the new creations for the project. Unforgettable days, a wonderful country, amazing people, and a huge thank you to the art students of Konotop, to Veronika Dreier who gave them so many new ideas and inspiration.