Country: Canada
The Saint of Bailovo

I grew up in an orphanage for twenty years, till today, I don’t know why. I was forced to learn how to observe in order to survive. So, if you asked me if I was an artist today, I would say, no. Simply because, I consider myself as an observer, whatever that means. I notice small details, then I make them big, and connect them together. To me, the small ones are the ones that make the big ones to even exist. Needless to say, my colors are my way how to explore beauty of this world. Beautiful things matter.

When I saw Dobri Dobrev the first time on the Internet, I didn’t know the reason why he came to me. Yet, an uneasy journey has started to unfold for me to follow, willingly. Like a carpet roll, pushed hard, revealing its colors and shapes, each step I have taken to bring Dobri Dobrev to this physical world, obstacles have tried to block my way to deliver this monumental beautiful soul, to you.

Starting with the canvas, which I ordered from India, came broken, late, and in a wrong size. I had to order another one. During that time, of covid-19 ugly invasion, waiting for the canvas to come, felt like forever. I tried to paint something else, but I was not able to. When the empty 80×100 sizes blank canvas finally has arrived, it made me emotional. I danced! I painted Dobri Dobrev in no time and was ready to send him to you as soon as possible. Yet, finding the right material to wrap and pack the artwork for shipping, was painful. I couldn’t find anything suitable for this monumental soul. During the wrapping process, which took me almost 4 hours, water accidently got spilled near him. I almost lost it. And when Dobri Dobrev finally made it to Austria, for some reason, the obstacles didn’t stop revealing. The painting was stored 200km away from the “See The Big Picture” location. It took 12 days for the painting from DHL to come to the final destination. There were some miscommunication and disagreement as to why Dobri Dobrev should be released and breathe again.

So you see, to paint Dobri Dobrev, to me, was a journey of never giving up, purely reflecting the magnificent soul who Dobri Dobrev was. This old man begged every day and gave it all away to orphanages and churches. Originally from Bulgaria, he came off as a haggard beggar who depended on the kindness of strangers to get by in life. He lost most of his hearing in the Second World War, travelled 25 kilometers every day for decades from his village in his homemade clothes and leather shoes to the city of Sofia, a daily trip he made by foot, where he spent the day begging for money.

My artistic life has started 5 years ago. Although I have no formal training in art, I still like to see my colours through my feelings. I like beautiful things that is why I paint. I don’t know how, I just paint.

If you found my colours beautiful, then I’d say, Thank You. 😊

Eva Nali


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