Country: Kurdistan
Title: [untitled]

“What appears in my painting is a Kurdish Peshmerga responsibly carrying out duties as a KRG Peshmerga to defend and to protect his nation and homeland. The picture contains a father ready to go to war and his daughter sadly hugging his legs as a sign of final farewell, and we can comprehend that she will be left with herself and the toy in her hands in the coming future. This Peshmerga’s trip to the frontier is something saddening and we can understand that the father will never come back home and the kid will be left alone living life with sorrow and fear.

The war’s consequences may definitely be dozens of disasters including thousands of orphans, incredible poverty and thousands of paralyzed, and all of these can be easily comprehended with looking closely at the drawing. The house in the drawing portrays a typical dwelling in a Kurdish village, the colour of the walls is a sort of colour that calms and relaxes, the open windows symbolize the compassion, hospitality, benevolence and humanity of Kurdistan´s people. “

Zhivan was staying at a refugee home in Austria, but he moved on, just leaving behind the painting with the story above. We have lost track of him.