Country: Austria
Title: My Connamara

“The land belongs to those who are prepared to share it with others and cherish it faithfully. The present belongs to those who treat others with tolerance and respect. The future belongs to those who give people hope of a life shared in the common good of mankind.”

Walter Thorwartl (1947) is a writer, storyteller, playwright and painter from the mountain village of Gröbming, Austria.

As a famous author of numerous books for children and adolescents, he organises public readings, writing workshops and story walks for young people as well as storytelling nights for adults. In addition to his work of prose, he writes theatre plays for children and for the drama group „Verein Theater Moosheim“.

Thorwartl’s love of painting started as early as his school years. His acrylic paintings introduce the elements of fantasy while his aquarelles mostly portray the landscapes of Styrian and Burgenlandian regions of Austria as well as Italy, Croatia and Ireland.

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