Country: Slovenia
Title: Through fields and rivers into freedom

”This art piece is intended for all the refugees. Their stories have touched me personaly, because I’ve met several of them, while working as a volunteer in one of our refugee centers in Slovenia.”

Fine art artist – painter Tatjana Mijatović, lives and works in Radenci. She is well known for her energy, which you can find in her art. In her art carrier she has had lots of solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, art workshops and art colonies in Slovenia and abroad. She connects art and people on a daily basis, it is like her calling.

From the year 2010, she is responsible for the art gallery in Radenci. She organizes several exhibitions there every month. As the president of the Art Association, she is very successful in bringing together different artists, businessmen, people from the tourism industry and the fine art appreciating public. She was also a part of several charity art events. In the course of the years she has developed her own recognizable art style. She mainly expresses herself in acrylic canvas technique. She says that for her painting is like researching.