Country: India
Title: Harmony

“The Lotus is India’s national flower. It symbolizes the rise of the nation through turmoil to freedom and greatness.

The Lotus finds its way out of muddy waters to bloom and break free – so representing birth, growth, beauty and freedom.
No matter where life begins, it is determination and courage that help us to prosper, grow and spread goodness.”

Sujata completed her formal art education from the prestigious Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. She held her first solo exhibition at the India International Centre, New Delhi in 1992. This was followed by several other solo and group shows in India and abroad. Constantly enriching the repertoire of her artistic palette, her search for a deeper meaning in life has propelled her to delve into the mysteries of the mind, nature and the universe. Metamorphosing in a deeply meditative series of serene Lotus Ponds and the graceful forms of the Horse as poetic beings embodying all that is instinctual and intuitive.

Her interest in various methods of healing and a need to reach out and touch people’s lives in a positive manner motivates her to work with children with special needs and in the field of mental health, using Art as a therapy.

Sujata’s works, which have been showcased in many significant exhibitions, have won both critical and popular acclaim. Her works are an intrinsic part of private collections all over India, the Middle East, Europe and the US.

She spent 2004-05 as a member of the Art League School, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Continuing to travel and interact with a wide range of artists from different parts of the world, she is currently living and working from her studio in New Delhi.

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