Country: Slovenia
Title: Krogi Soča

“Slovenian sand, all of natural colours. I am swimming in the unknown.
All the sands were collected by my husband and me over the last 23 years on Slovenian watercourses, hills and quarries. During this time, every work is a drop in the sea… but it is my drop.
Which makes me happy, especially if someone is touched by it
and if it makes people think or surprises them.”

Stanka Golob is devoted to painting since 1981. Since 1994 she intensively explores the effects of natural sand in art. She uses only sand collected in the Slovenian rivers, mountains and quarries.

Her long informal education culminated with studies at the School of Drawing and Painting – Arthouse – college of Visual Arts in Ljubljana, where she graduated in 2012.

All the painting surface is covered with sand, this is the reason for naming such creations sand pictures. As she is still researching this interesting painting medium, the motifs and basis are very scarce.

She had also participated in international artist colonies and received several awards. Many art historians and artists wrote about her work: She had over 70 solo exhibitions and more than 150 group exhibitions in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia and France.