Serena Rossi

Country: Italy

Serena Rossi was born on March 6, 1972 in Milan, where she lives and works. In 1999 she graduated in pharmacy.  Since 2002 she has participated in a solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Some of her works are part of a private and public collection located in the open-air museum of Camo and in Gravina di Puglia.

I am an Artist.

I paint, I see, I love, I dream, I think every day, every minute, every second.

Today life is liquid like society.

Everything flows, the thought wanders, the reflection is late because of too much speed and then I take the form and destroy it, I turn it over, I study it and after analyzing it, I throw it back on the canvas, by hand and color.

The form does not return to order, it creates a familiar chaotic chaos that brings back the warmth of affection, it reminds me of the smell of freshly baked bread, the embrace of my mother, the joy after a success.

And after this ascent, the forms dance, knot themselves, throw out their essence, spit out new truths and new worlds,

My research is rooted in things, in objects related to man, the lines mark the passage of time and the pieces attached with collage show moments of life, parties with handkerchiefs or art exhibitions visited, I use the recycling of paper with collage for a correct line of pro-conservative behavior. We are living and we must not further damage the environment.