Country: Austria

Title: The river of life


Mother and son Berger

Robert Berger

I was born the third child of Mathilda and Josef Berger on the 18.06.1971 in Mautern in the province of Styria in Austria. I discovered my love of painting in my early childhood. Of course I was influenced by my mother Mathilda and her brother Herbert Hinteregger, both popular artists in Austria.

I am constantly working and experimenting in the fields of design, sculpturing planning but also in painting. I am self-employed as a tradesman and designer since 2002. each year that passes as in my business finds me in constant search and in permanent realisation of ideas .as soon as one crystallises it is followed by another . I am fascinated more and more and spent a lot of my creative time painting .

I have specialised in acrylic abstract pieces on canvas.

In my paintings I try to capture my emotions and passions in strong and bold colour.

This piece is called „The river of Life” it is a collage 100x 80 cm. the bridge over the river was originally painted by my mother Mathilda and I finished the piece. Hope you all like it.

I am happy to a part of this of such a big and wonderful creation see the big picture.

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