Country: India
Title: [untitled]

Painting, for me, is an expression of my innermost self which is better expressed in colors and tones, in lines and forms.

As a part of my formal education I have gone through Rajasthan University’s five year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) course in Jaipur. However, my affinity to this art form is more instinctive and spontaneous. I believe that formal training and learning of techniques is extremely important and helpful as it provides pointers to help in the creation of a work of art which is eventually given life through an artist’s feeling.

Shri Dwarka Prasad , eminent artist of Jaipur, has helped in honing my sensibilities with regard to strokes and hues. I worked as an apprentice with him for five years. His contribution to my handling of a pencil or charcoal, in shading, and in creating strength to a line has been phenomenal.

Besides this form of art involving color, tones and shape, another strong influence in my life has been art in the form of swar, shruti and saptak. My exposure to Indian classical music started at a very early age. Training in Hindustani music was followed by a Vishaarad (graduation) from Bhatkhande School , Lucknow and Masters (Alankaar) from Brigad Gujrat Samiti, Ahmedabad. The journey continued under the tutelage of Shri K. K Dehlvi in Udaipur and then with Pandit Sarathi Chatterjee for some years. Is now continuing under Pandita Gargee Siddhanta Datta.

Contact the artist: radhikasurana.com