Country: Ukraine
My Ukraine


My Ukraine

Many people from other countries think that Ukraine is poor and dangerous.

It is sometimes difficult to explain where Ukraine is. Foreigners associate my country with the war. It is terrible for me. That is why I want people from other countries to see Ukraine as I do: light, warm, with smell of honey and apples, with swallows in the sky and blooming gardens. Ukraine is NOT the war, Ukraine is peaceful and never aggressive. I love my Ukraine beautiful and independent!

Polina Popkova, 15 years old.

Has studied at a language school.

Plans to connect the future with art and psychology.

Has been painting since early childhood. Every year adds new techniques to her works.

Love Ukraine, like the sun,

Love her,

Like the wind,the grasses and

The waters…

In the hour of good fortune

And the moment of joy,

Love her in the moment of discord.

Love Ukraine in your dreams

And in fact,

Your Ukraine – cherry red,

Her eternal and new living beauty,

Her nightingale language’

By V. Sosiura ( Ukrainian poet, writer)