Piero Conestabo

Country: Italy
4 seasons

Piero Conestabo was born in Trieste in 1952. He attended the art school (Istituto d’Arte) “E. Nordio” (with Ugo Carà, Ladislao de Gauss, Miela Reina, Maria Campitelli, Dino Predonzani and others as teachers) and began exhibiting in the 1970s. He has had solo and group exhibitions in Trieste, Milan, Modena, Rome, Genoa, Pesaro, Gorizia, Ferrara, Verona and abroad in Austria (Spittal, Salzburg, Graz, Vienna), Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, North America (Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Mexico City) and in Asia (Tokyo, Tsukuba, Honk Kong, Shangai – Expo 2010).

The last personal exhibitions were held in Monfalcone (Galleria Comunale d’Arte) in July/August 2021 and in Kotor (Montenegro) at Saint Paul Church in April 2022. 

His studio – which has long been an art gallery exhibiting international artists – is located in Trieste, in Via Fonderia 5.


Natural elements unchanging over the four seasons, a source of inspiration.
Landscapes between water and land, reflections, visited during the stay in Trofaiach, echoes of future visual impressions, observing
man’s intervention and nature’s instantaneous response.