Country: Austria
Title: Das Coroneckenhaus

Why can’t I visit my friends? Because of Corona. Ok. Why do I have to stay away from other people? Because of Corona. Ok. What is Corona? Liam (4) accepts simple explanations for these altered circumstances, maybe because his world view isn’t as rigid as an adult’s. But what effects will these restrictions have if they stay in place for much longer? And how will he remember these times later on? Our painting is a snap-shot of our time within our shell. We will stay a bit longer, we’re doing ok. See you then…
Nicole Doyle grew up in the Styrian town of Vordernberg and lives in Graz. Her interests are manifold, as is reflected in her CV, which encompasses the sports-focused secondary school and College for Fashion as well as academic studies in Chemistry. Currently she is developing high quality organic cosmetics. In her spare time, creativity, as well as her family, has always played a significant role. One sample of this can be found in the music video “Roadkill”, which she made for her husband, the Graz-based rapper Retainer Hitokiri:
Liam Doyle is the eldest son of Nicole Doyle and her husband and grandson of “See the Big Picture” founder Desmond Doyle. Liam was born in 2015 and lives in Graz with his parents. When he and his mother paint, the pictures often escalate in a most marvelous manner. Creative chaos and subsequent clarity characterize his works.