Country: Russia
Title: String Games for Two People

An important part of my art work is to visualise the invisible threads which exist between me and other people and between me and nature. Since the beginning of my artistic work one basic thought has challenged and inspired me again and again: shapes that look similar on different scales, referred to in Physics as fractals, in macro and micro worlds. Smaller units are connected to a bigger unit, a symbol and to a metaphysical body.  My creations and my life are for me complex constructs, whose parts can only be defined through their relationship to the whole.

Natalia Medebach was born in Leningrad (St.-Petersburg). She now lives and works in Graz (Austria). In her work she deals with invisible connections and visible separations as well as with the borders between the micro and macro worlds. She works in painting, drawing and installation media and in performative actions to encourage holistic processes. She studied painting at the academy of visual arts in Mainz with Prof. Friedemann Hahn, and completed her diploma in painting with Prof. Katharina Grosse in Berlin-Weissensee. In between, she studied with Prof. Erwin Bohatsch and Prof. Walter Obholzer at the academy of fine arts in Vienna and afterwards she was a member of the master class with Prof. Katharina Grosse in Berlin-Weissensee.

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