More than a Logo
Our messenger for art & peace

In 2015 Abraham Batzin Navichoc from Guatamala was the first artist to paint for See The Big Picture. His painting depicts an old lady weaving a colorful cloth in the traditional Mayan way; she seems to be amused at by the bright birds that fly around her as she weaves. We decided to use one of these impish birds for our symbol. To be the messenger for art & peace as it wanders far and wide.

In simple black and white, our symbol invites you to fill it with colors of your choice. Just as each of us decides the colors we put into our own lives. We each decide how much we will put into our sometimes drab societies though we know we are all responsible to bring change and variety into our surroundings. Black and white is unidimensional. Its borders are rigid. While colors flow, mingle and create new possibilities. Our symbol is an invitation to you to cross borders of race, creed and nationality. To depict a big picture of this wonderful world we call home.