Country: Liberia/USA
Title: [untitled]

“Originally from Liberia, I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I earned a Mass Communications degree from Louisiana State University. In addition to my degree and certification in Personal Nutrition, I have gained a great deal of relevant skills and experience over the past 10 years while working at different capacities within the education field.

Being bi-cultural, my personal teaching philosophy is rooted in diversity and self-reflection which I believe allows for growth of the whole student at his/her specific level. Every student is unique and I strive to provide opportunities to test their individual strengths and weaknesses in a safe environment, while meeting NASPE (National Association for Sport and Physical Education) standards, and learning about movement, teamwork, problem solving and overall health related fitness. The social species of Mountain zebras have evolved physically from other equine species to adapt to the rugged terrains of the mountains, becoming agile climbers. Similar to the leaders of mountain zebra herds, I will do everything in my ability to nurture and protect 2nd -10 grade students while providing them with attainable goals and challenging them in ways that will contribute to their progress and “evolution” physically, socially and emotionally.”