Marvin Hai Han Wang

Country: China
Title: no title

Born in Beijing, Marvin Wang from Gröbming has been painting and drawing with great enthusiasm since he was a toddler.

Many visits to galleries, museums and exhibitions have sharpened his eye for art from different centuries. His favourite artists include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Mr. Beast.

The sports enthusiast enjoys experimenting with different techniques in order to bring his ideas onto paper and canvas.

His own interpretation of pop art is characterised by colourful, often dark characters and figures who are could be read as mirrors of society in general.

In his free time, Marvin loves to be out and about doing sports. While snowboarding is his favourite freetime activity in winter. In summer you might meet him at the outdoor pool. In addition, he is also extremely skilled with the yo-yo. Going with the flow of modern technology, insights into his everyday life can be seen on social media, for example on Instagram @doodle_master87