Country: Italy
Title: The fishing

“The fishing” (2020) – Acrylic on canvas, 100×80 cm

A beautiful kingfisher is going out of water with a joyful jump, after fishing his prey to enjoy his daily meal. It is safe for today. Indeed, life revolves around the fight for survival with no distinction for every Mother Nature’s son. Everyone prepares itself simply to “live” every day. This contrasts with the human life, that certainly goes beyond the research of the essential. In human lifestyle what is unnecessary is never enough. Despite the human race tortures and destroys the Nature, it will be reborn from its ash like a marvellous phoenix, that becomes more and more beautiful every day. Mother Nature is, in its simplicity, breathtakingly beautiful.

Marialuisa Sabato was born in BARI (Italy) in 1968 and graduated in painting in 1994 from her city’s Academy of Fine Arts.

She is a painter, an illustrator and a writer of books for kids. She exposed her artworks in many personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad too. To name some of them, she exposed in art galleries, museums and institutional places in Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Pisa, New York, London, Basel, Stuttgart, Berlin, Tirana and many others. Her most important international exhibitions were: at the “National Historical Museum” in Tirana, at the “Marc De Puechredon Gallery” in Basel, at the “Infantellina Contemporary Art Gallery” in Berlin, at the “Rathaus” in Stuttgart, at the International Art Fair of Innsbruck, at the “Italian Cultural Center” in Fukuoka (Japan) and at the “Agora Gallery” in New York. Her artworks and literary works received prizes and awards. Many expert journalists and critics of art have written some presentations, texts and articles about her work.

Her favourite theme is the nature together with its flowers, its trees and its marvellous and colourful flying birds. The artist loves the nature for its undeniable beauty, but also because none like Mother Nature can really teach us the concepts of equality and freedom. In particular, She can teach us the ability to always be reborn in a marvellous, shiny way, no matter what. Looking at the nature, humans can really learn how to walk along the right way to live day by day a life in which happiness is found in the pretty little things.

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