Maria Gagliardi

Country: Brazil
The Unifying Principle

Maria is a self-taught artist born in São Paulo Brazil.

She first came in contact with painting as a healing tool, in a sabbatical year, after a battle against depression. With the use of acrylic paint, the painting became a tool together with meditation practices. A form of intuitive exploration of herself. The colors and patterns portrayed, are completely intuitive and spontaneous, made by the natural flow of movement of the moment.

Today she lives and works in the island of Møn, Denmark, where she shares her artwork and occasional collaborations; exploring the natural flow of movement in art.

The Unifying Principle is a piece made intuitively, so each viewer has a different perspective of the piece, according to their own life experiences.

It points out the Unifying Principle in which all colors come together, as in the initial Big Bang. Its shape resembling an Om, the symbol of the primordial sound, brings back the message of the basic principle of life, making no distinction of shapes and colors, but celebrating all into one piece. The resemblance of a lover’s embrace can also be pointed out, as portraying the underlying love that is the substratum of all forms within the formless.