Country: Canada
Title: [untitled]

Luc Alain has been freelancing in the commercial art industry since 1995. He has illustrated a great number of publications for many different clients and formats, namely teaching material, children’s books, magazines, games, weekly papers and even documentaries. Cartoons and caricatures have been a considerable revenue stream, but more recently he has created works in new mediums such as acrylics, pastels and charcoal.

Luc was born in Ottawa, Canada, and has always been in tune with current events, history and politics, these shaping his humor and thought process. His many interests mirror his artistic versatility. Dealing with MS and other health issues has empowered Luc to look beyond and distance himself from his physical limits and thrive to produce works generating images supporting positive energy and surroundings. He confirmed for himself and others that Art in any form is very rewarding and therapeutic. 

Among his most notable achievements two stand out as shining examples; The Proud Little Ant (Rocky River Publishers, USA, 2004) and the documentary Polygamy in Canada (Mediatique, Toronto, Canada, 2007). More recently, he has illustrated a book of poetry as well as a series of history books for area schools. His larger art pieces have been exhibited locally in several venues. For 2020 Luc has been invited to work with an ad agency to render his illustrations into animation!