Country: England
Title: Altstadt Rooftops

Lewis J Blake is an artist from England, now based in Graz, Austria. Lewis studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London before spending four years working as a Specialist Painting Assistant for the artist Damien Hirst. Having maintained an artistic practice alongside work as a technician, he is now working as a freelance artist, painting geometric and abstract works based upon influences drawn from architectural forms, imagined monuments, found objects and meticulous photographical investigation.

His latest works draw influence from the old-city rooftops of the city of Graz, where Blake has lived and worked since 2018. Through his choice of bold, vibrant tones, he transforms urban scenes into seas of colourful forms. 

Work title: ‘Altstadt Rooftops’

For See The Big Picture it was important for me to focus on a subject which reflects my current place in the world rather than my background. I am originally from the UK, but have been working in Austria since 2018. I’ve found Graz to be a constant source of inspiration for my paintings and this work, Altstadt Rooftops, takes in one of my favourite views of the city, looking out from half way up the Schlossberg mountain over the rooftops beyond. I particularly enjoy the anonymity that the process of abstracting these buildings creates. Each one becomes just a small piece of a bright and colourful patchwork, which seemed quite apt for this particular project.