Kerstin Waitschull

Country: Germany
Conflicts of life

My name is Kerstin Waitschull, born in 1973 and I live in Essen (Ruhr area) in Germany. Inspired by a stay in Australia and encounters with Aboriginal painting, I found an artistic form of expression for myself and developed a corresponding dotting technique.

Since then I have been making pictures that deal with the exactness and variation of the point, its arrangement and colour. For this technique I use brushes of various sizes and reduce the bristles to a minimum length. I carry the dots with acrylic paints on canvas. Over time, I developed a real passion for this art form and refined my technique. My works deal on the one hand with the elementary basic forms of circle, triangle, square and the order and the exactness of the point, on the other hand with the playfully imaginative dynamic asymmetrical associations. In the pictures, the simple and one-dimensional are often presented as illusionary depth and complexity.

The work consists of three levels. These are viewed from the normal perspective. The first level is the background, with the dominant colors yellow, red and blue and its abstractness. The second layer, the foreground layer, consists of a dotted golden circle and its geometric exact arrangement. The third level, which may not be clearly visible to the viewer at first glance, forms the connection between the levels already mentioned. If the viewer looks between the golden dots on the abstract plane, he recognizes the separating and the connecting element.

The picture is called Conflicts of Life. My imagination was available as a source of images and the emotional confrontation with difficult controversial topics such as climate change, species extinction and an increasing social division and brutalization of society. When looking at my picture, I start with the background. The colors stand for the earth, the diversity of life and its dynamics. The golden circle in the foreground represents its interdependencies of all elements for a working balance. The third level represents the eternal conflict between all beings on earth.

Man is at the center of the conflict. On the one hand in the encounter with each other and on the other hand in daily dealings with his environment. Valuable characteristics of our actions should always be respectful, mindful and appreciative. As precious as the gold prized by man. The color gold represents confidence.

A confidence for a peaceful and loving coexistence between people, animals and nature.