Country: Austria
Title: Durchsicht, Vorsicht, Einsicht, Transparenz (Eng.: Examination, caution, insight, transparency)

Looking for the special snapshot.

The right moment is all that matters!

I specialize in the capturing of unique moments in time with my camera. Though I have many offers, I do not take contracts for weddings or other social gatherings.

I am available for advertising shoots, architecture and product photography and much more.

I work in my studio, when necessary, but prefer outdoor shoots. I enhance the photos as little as possible and always try to capture the special moment in all my work.

I rarely shoot landscapes but love depicting modern buildings and cities.

I was born in Leoben, my first profession was as a sales specialist, later went on to become a decorator and graphic designer.

I studied these professions at the LDT (academy of German textile trades in Nagold, BRD, 1969)

In 1996, I completed the state exam as advertising consultant and advertising intermediary.

In 1997, I established my own advertising agency.

I am a self-taught painter and have had many exhibitions especially between 1975 and 1982. 

My real love is however the photography. My first commissions were for sport events, shop window design and advertising exhibitions.

Since 2003 I have fallen under the spell of photography. Seattle 2014 and 2015 was a big highlight in my career.

In 2021 I had three exhibitions in the Austrian in the cities of Judenburg, Bruck/Mur and Knittelfeld.

My street photography and portraits collection was shown in the Simon Mühle Trofaiach, the People portraits “Menschenbilder” exhibitions in 14 different districts and cities in Austria.