Johanna Leipold

Country: Austria
Title: Europe’s cowering

“Warum tut Ihr mir das an? Nr. 4 / Why do you hurt me? Nr 4”

“Art has nothing to do with taste. Art is not there to be tasted. The above quote is one which I wholeheartedly agree with. I paint my way through all the techniques and all the themes which interest me – sometimes representationally, sometimes abstractly, but I don’t have to let my work be determined by popular taste. My representational work is “intellectual” because I am concerned about problematic subjects, which those concerned themselves can only articulate or make public with difficulty. I consider striking images to be appropriate. Posters should appeal, touch, irritate and animate. My art is never intended to be just pretty.”

Johanna Leipold (1947) was born in Munich, Germany. After studying art in Munich, she moved to Austria and completed her artistic studies at F.P. Hofbauer. Her mostly large-format pictures put the person’s presentation in their thematic center. An expressive colouring is combined with a no less powerful form of expression of physiognomy and physical activity of the persons represented.

Leipold can refer to an extensive exhibition activity at home and abroad. She made her debut on the American market together with Galerie Artodrome at the Artexpo 2007. Gallery Artodrome represents the artist worldwide in cities like Beijing, New York, Shanghai or Taipei. (by Dr Stephan Kunkler, gallery owner)

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