Jerca Šantej

Country: Slovenia
Lost In Translation!! In Space 2222

The painter Jerce Šantej was born in Sevnica in 1964. After graduating from the NTF in textile design with Prof. Dušan Kirbiš and a diploma in administration, Jerca devoted herself to the ascetic life of a painter. In 1991 she had her first solo exhibition, which was followed by numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. In 1994, she was registered as a freelance cultural artist for the first time.
Artistic reliability, sketchiness and colour explosiveness, a sense of composition, great relaxation and vital expansiveness are the basic expressive elements of the painter Jerce Šantej.
Her optimism, her belief in the good and the beautiful characterise all her very different works. Due to the always different starting points and the frequent change of technique, her works are seemingly very different, but they are united by the irresistible energy of the painter, which drives whole cycles of paintings on canvas or on paper, especially in the juicy and strongly luminous red colour.