Filipa Barros Baptista

Country: Portugal

My name is Filipa Barros Baptista and I was born and studied in Portugal – Lisbon, where I graduated in Design. When I was 26-years-old, I decided to live in Lagos (a beautiful, shiny and quiet city, in the south of Portugal) and dedicated myself to teaching the arts, after worked in several 3rd cycle (ages 12-15) and secondary schools in different Portuguese cities.

Besides my work as a teacher, I have always dedicated myself to experimentation in several artistic disciplines such as painting, collages, illustration and hand made pieces in many types of materials. My dearest project emerged from my passion for color and painting – especially the transformation of interior and exterior spaces. I create special environments through decorative painting and unique artistic pieces.

With my work, I believe I can bring harmony, beauty, health and well-being for people, by contributing to the aesthetic and functional enrichment of the spaces. I give the individuals or institutions the opportunity to rethink their living and workspaces, to understand the impact that their choices can have on their life, their health and their performance. I already participated in some private art exhibitions with friends and other artists, but what I love the most is that my work is spread all over the country, in the walls of so many people and can make a difference in their lives, just like this, in a simple, colorful way.

“This piece is called “Saudade”. Portugal is “Saudade” and “Saudade” is this feeling of always missing something or someone. This emptiness is the melancholy that we have stuck in our chest, difficult to explain but not to feel. Portugal is the eternal confrontation of harmonies and contrasts. It is the perfect marriage between the sun and the sea. It is the amazing profusion of colours and their infinite tones, between light and shadow. It is the heat of our bodies, the chill of the wind passing by. It is all the exuberance and the magic in the look and the containment of the gesture. It’s being so small in the world and yet so big in the heart.