Weiz (Austria) 2022

The beautiful Austrian city of Weiz, now has the first exhibition from STBP in poster form on display. Vice Mayor of the city Oswin Donnerer invited Desmond to discuss this project. There is a bridge in Weiz that counts the many thousands of people that cross it each day, we decided to display the posters on one of the display cases there, this is also illuminated in the nighttime and looks extremely inviting. An Irish cultural evening after the opening on the bridge was also planned, but the inclement weather made this impossible. The concert took place in the famous Weber Haus, a legendary location for venues in the city. Desmond and Oswin introduced the project to a very interested group of journalists and citizens of the city, again the people are moved not just by the wonderful paintings on display but also by the stories the tell. The John Ryan Irish group accompanied Desmond Doyle and Volunteers for a great evening of Irish music, another highlight was the guest appearance of members the O Kelly school of dance academy. With jigs and reels and amazing Irish dances they made this a very special evening. See the big picture is about celebrating life, looking at the good times many of us have and trying not to forget the many more who live in circumstance unimaginable for us. We will try and travel the globe with this project, each time we display the rapidly growing collection of photographs and paintings and see the audience reaction gives us the energy to carry on with all our hearts to see it finished. Thank you Weiz for this opportunity.