Tolmin (Slovenia) 2018

Tolmin is a beautiful small town nestling in the scenic grandeur of the Slovenian Soča valley, the pristine waters and alpine peaks in the district are breath-taking. The history of this district, too, is full of lore and legend. the horrible battles fought here in WW1 are now part of our inhumanity and cruelty, part of our violent history. This was a perfect place for an exhibition and to bring the fledgling See the Big Picture project. We made contact with the art and cultural organisation SAJETA in the town, and it did not take long until they invited us to exhibit in the SDK Gallery. The event itself was very well organised and many people from the district came to the opening night and also to the exhibition. It was open to the public for more than a month. We are deeply indebted to Jannis and Sanja for the hard work, also to the press and people of Tolmin for making us feel so welcome and to all who saw the aim of the exhibition, unite people in discussion and using the art of See the Big Picture as inspiration.