Country: Australia
Title: Ocean of Hope


Ocean of Hope

This abstract image started with the photograph of ocean ripples, as oceans connect all continents. The colors were then changed to green and yellow, which are the colors of hope. I want to convey the message that we are all connected and share similar hopes and dreams.

Eva lives in sunny Sydney, Australia. She started photography as a hobby but quickly became obsessed with this art form and completed a diploma in professional photography.

Eva’s fine art photos and portraits have been exhibited in Australia, Europe and the United States and were selected by art curators to feature in collections. Her artwork is also distributed by art publishing houses.

Eva’s images are inspired by objects, patterns, textures, shapes and color combinations. She constantly experiments with new techniques and modifies them to achieve aesthetically pleasing results and reveal hidden beauty.

Eva hopes that this hidden beauty, the moments and the memories that capture her imagination will also bring joy to the viewers of my images.