Country: Afghanistan
Title: [untitled]

“My motto for life is to live every day as if it was my last.”

Emal Zarifi is a 21 year old Afghani with a refugee background who has been living in Austria for 2 years. He wants to stay in Austria and train to work as a shop assistant.


“My motto for life is that I am going on slowly, but I will never go back.
Often when the mouth is laughing, the heart is crying.”

Nasir Alkuzai is an 18 year old young man from Afghanistan. He came to Austria as an unaccompanied teenager. First he lived in a refugee camp, but in March 2016 he became a school pupil in Austria.


“I love my homeland, but only when the war is over.”

Said Timori is an 18 year old young man from Afghanistan, who now lives in a refugee home in Austria. After the end of the war he wants to return to Afghanistan and work as an artist.