Country: Ukraine
Title: The ghost of hope

“Even if you feel like there is nothing left or you feel deep loneliness, don’t give up! Never lose hope! Hope can give a meaning to your life, make you believe in a better future. Change what you want to change and keep hoping that you can do everything you believe in!
Hope can come even if you think it is the end.”

Diana Davtian was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where she began her way as an artist. She graduated Art School and moved to Graz, Austria, where she currently attends a Painting MA course at the Ortweinschule.

Diana likes to work with different materials and tools, as well as experiment with photos.

She hopes that in each piece of her art you will discover her personality, her story and her feelings: “You can see me through my works because artists can’t hide the truth, they can’t lie. I am trying to find a way to make people not only see visual art, but also hear it.”