Country: Spain
Title: Connect

Dani Garrido Tardío studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and the post degree in Graphic Design at Idep Barcelona. He started to make illustrations in 2013 until now, working in different registers and mixing them with painting. His style is colourful, dreamy and joyful, and thematic such as pop culture; sweet worlds and outlandish characters are common in his works.

“Connect” is an example of a mix. It’s both a painting and an illustration, since it would fit perfectly in a children’s book. A thinking activity projected on a canvas. The painting suggests the connection between what is real and what is not. You can consider trying to imagine the giant carrot silhouette by connecting its dots. Or you can empathize with the astronaut rabbit and what it desires. Are our expectations so high that they just can’t be possible? Are we ready for the truth and accept the reality?