Bram D'Hont

Country: Netherlands
l´art est un altruisme à un

Bram d’Hont. Born in Groede in West Zeeuws Vlaanderen, now living in Prosečka Vas, a small village in Goričko, the eastern part of Prekmurje, Slovenia. Studied at the academies AKI-Enschede, Minerva Groningen and a semester lithography at the ALU in Ljubljana, completed a varied education in the field of painting, drawing, sculpture and graphics, photography, architecture, digital design. Professor Joop Hardy made me aware of Immanuel Lévinas’ relational philosophy and sparked my interest in physics and mathematics. In 1984 I visited the exhibitions ‘Time’ in Brussel, curated by Isabelle Stengers and Illya Prigogine and ‘Les Immateriaux’ in Paris by Jean Paul Lyotard, understanding that art needed a new context. After numerous exhibitions, I managed to find something convenient, at least as far it concerns my work. If anyone wants to know more about it, just ask. Exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, China, Italy, Slovenia and Austria.