Birman Shrestha

Country: Nepal
Big Himalaya

Birman Shrestha (Artist/Sound therapist) was born in small town is called Kumaltar, Nuwakot on June 25th, 1981. He finished his School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in the Shree Ranabhuwaneshwory Higher secondary School, Devighat, Nuwakot, in 2000. He then moved to Kathmandu. From 2001 to 2013 he attended Lalitkala campus, that same year he joined the Renesha fine art institute. he wrote his bachelor’s degree in Kathmandu university of art and design, he graduated in 2007.
After his graduation he worked teaching painting and drawing to high school students at the Kubidini high school in Kathmandu. In 2006 he worked as a Photojournalist for Sram Buletin weekly, new business age monthly, Infotainer monthly, Aviyan weekly, he has experience in model/glamour photography too. He then taught at creative hands in Kathmandu, teaching art, photography, and graphic design (computer based) to deaf students using sign language.
In 2009 he left Kathmandu and moved to Reggio di Calabria in Italy. After a year studying Italian language and culture, he married in Trieste. While he was in Italy, he held photography exhibition in various art galleries.
From 2010 until the present day, he is working as a sound healer and painter, using Tibetan singing bowl and gongs. He also takes tourist groups to Tibet.
He now lives in Slovenia.

“This painting I create for “See the Big Picture”. Before I visit Austria, I did not know about this project but when I arrived there, they request me to create painting for “See the Big Picture” and I ask them what I should paint, and they said whatever you wish, and I remember that big word mean huge, and I remember top of the world. Himalaya is big and even it is big always calm and peace. When I start to observe the Himalaya, I feel myself calm peace and full of happiness inside me. That is why I create that painting in my style. The title of my painting is BIG HIMALAYA.”