Country: India
Title: Sunshine and roses

”May all the loads you carry, be as fragrant,
May all the work you do, bring such cheer.
May there always in your life, be color,
And a warm ray of sunshine find your face,
as a smile lights it up.”

A young man, scarcely more than a boy, carried a load of roses into the Delhi flower market. Though made of delicate flowers, it was a heavy burden on his shoulders and he carried many such through the day. As he realized he was being photographed, his face lit up into a shy smile. Just as the first ray of sunshine filtered through the early morning air to fall on his face.

Thousands of young men in the unorganized sector lead a precarious life with long working hours and unpredictable income. No financial security now or later in their old age except what they can save up themselves. Yet in the midst of these harsh realities, their ability to smile and enjoy a simple moment makes them invincible travellers in this journey called life.”

Anuradha describes herself as Human. Woman. Traveler. Designer. Photographer.

From New Delhi – India, her work is inspired by the vibrancy of colors and light of the Indian desert. Now based in Austria, she continues her exploration of light, color and form. Seeking light in life, relationships, attitudes and photographs.

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