Country: Austria
Title: locked up and tortured

Anneliese Thurnhofer was born in 1959 in Langenwang Austria. Studied to be a teacher and has worked for many years with handicapped young people and with refugee children, helping them integrate into their new society. She also spent some years abroad especially in GB mostly London and studied art therapy upon returning to Austria.

Art therapy and visual art really became a big part of her professional and private life in the last years and she has studied with and under many masters in her career.

Anneliese has also taught at many seminars and specializes in expressive and experimental pieces using acrylic paint. She has had numerous exhibitions both in Austria and other countries.

The piece she contributed to see the big picture is called “locked up and tortured”, it depicts a person in obvious state of stress and torture, she wants to open our eyes to the fact that this is happening in many places on our planet even as we sit and contemplate this painting. Sometimes people are visibly in agony but mostly people hide behind a screen of conformity repressing the internal suffering that society does not wish to see, this is the reason why we have so many people on medicines to ease mental repression. we are though to function and to let no one see the suffering behind the masks we carry. This is true of every nation on earth the nonconformists are those who suffer most.