Anna Wulf

Country: Germany
Structures of deep consciousness.
Work 1 mimicry.

I immigrated to Germany 21 years ago and have been living in this country ever since. After attending general school, I completed my vocational diploma for design and I did vocational training as an optician.

In search of more personal autonomy and with the aim of making the world a little fairer, I started my studies as an educational scientist and successfully completed it in 2019. Immediately after my studies, I started a doctorate and I am currently writing my dissertation on the subject of addiction in the family context.

In the course of my scientific investigation, it became clear to me how complex our subconscious is. How many hidden secrets it holds. And that our inner psyche has complex, multidimensional structures that are shaped by personal life events, memories and perceptions. Various emotions such as sadness, desire, anger or hope overlap and create unique patterns. The interweaving of thoughts, memories, perceptions and feelings is like an incredibly diverse inner world that is unique on the one hand and has amazing similarities to that of other people on the other. People of different races, socioeconomic statuses, ages, and genders are nevertheless similar in many aspects of the makeup of their inner universes.

The equality of the different, that is the guiding principle, which should characterize my abstract work.

The abstract painting I want to create is meant to represent the inside of people, the structures that connect us all. The painting should depict traces, structures, superimpositions, flowing transitions and symmetries in an abstract style. It is intended to demonstrate how multi-layered and unique our inner world is, yet it is the same for all of us in our own special way.