Country: Hungary
Title: Particles and Wholeness


Particles and Wholeness

This image shows small, irregular particles linked together, creating wholeness. It is a reminder that whilst barriers, frontiers and borders do exist we are all connected and are integral parts of the whole universe.

Anita Vincze is a photographer and digital artist who lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. After a long period of fascination with photography, Anita completed an advanced course in Contemporary Fine Art Photography.

Anita’s photos and digital artwork have been exhibited in art galleries and recognised by awards in international photo salons. Her images are displayed in luxury hotel chains and corporate offices and are also distributed by fine art publishers.

Anita is drawn to recording beauty around us. She considers the sensor of her camera to be a raw canvas that awaits to be filled. Anita’s artwork often features vivid and vibrant color palettes; however timeless monochrome images are also beautifully presented in her portfolio.