Country: Liberia
Title: Food business

“I got my inspiration from women and children, because when I see women I think about what my mother went through and whenever I see a child I also think about what I went through during my childhood days. Furthermore, I am inspired by the hardship and poverty people are going through, especially women and children.”

Abu Fofana is a native Liberian, born in Lofa County. Due to the war, he grew up in Guinea, and spent 20 years there. In 2000, he developed a passion for painting when he met a friend who is an artist. This friend encouraged Fofana to paint because he could sketch well.

Abu believes that his inspiration comes from images of the interior parts of Liberia. He currently paints in oil, acrylic and sand. He is also the creator of the mural on the front wall of Cachelle International and the executive pavilion, two public buildings in Liberia. He participated in several arts exhibitions including the United States Embassy Arts and Craft Fair and obtained 14 certificates from the US Embassy. In 2003, he organized the women’s arts gallery in Congo town, Monrovia, where he taught fine art.