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See the Big Picture is an international art initiative, connecting visual artists and photographers, and through their art, every world citizen. The aim of the art initiative is to show how our lives are based on similar aspirations, values and emotions irrespective of whom we are and where we come from. By doing so, it seeks to question and then remove man-made barriers and borders that divide us.

The artists participating in See the Big Picture are professionals, students and hobbyists all brought together by sheer talent and their visions of their world. Our World.

The collection of artworks that you see on our online gallery or at our events is a work-in-progress open to all visual artists and photographers who wish to participate, community leaders and gallery owners who would like to contribute.

We invite you to take a look at our NEWS BLOG and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the latest news.


The project will be complete when it includes at least one painting from every nation on Earth.

Till the project is completed, we endeavor to take it in the form of a travelling exhibition to different parts of the globe. All profits that are generated through these exhibitions will be used to spread the message of Art and Peace across the World. 

On the idea of “The Big Picture” by Desmond Doyle

Humans are connected in many more ways than we are divided. It is however the dividing traits that occupy the media, occupy our minds and influence the decisions we make. All people of all race, creed and color are born innocent, pure and free. Nothing is in more in need of protection than a new born child.

The geographical position of our birth has a major role to play in our future development. Physical, intellectual and economic. If we are lucky we are educated, fed and protected by our parents and our society. This however is not a guarantee for a life of happiness and achievement and has many negative, sometimes fatal traps ahead. Many more people are born into a life of poverty and neglect. One part of the world fights an obesity epidemic while children from the other part never reach adulthood due to starvation.

There is no universal answer to all the problems that face us but we believe that change is happening slowly and surely as we address the issues that will determine our very survival. The Big Picture is a project that has taken a long time in germination. The idea is to find at least one artist from each country in the world, representing their country and its indigenous people. To have these artists come together in a huge work of art depicting for us the complexities of our world through the eyes of its creative people.

While each one of us sees only our own small piece of the gigantic puzzle that is our World. At See the Big Picture other aspects of this puzzle become visible, through the works of our donating artists, as each artist brings their uniqueness into our vision. The paintings are a direct communication between the viewer and the artist. They invite an understanding without the interfering interpretation of any intermediator.

We invite artists to join us in creating this combined world view through their art.
We invite governments, corporates and charities to support this project through sponsorships.
We invite community leaders and gallery owners to help connect the Big Picture to their communities hosting the painting exhibitions.
We invite the press and media to help spread the message

And we invite you to join us in any and every way you can. Be it through your time and energy or by helping the artists with aid of supporting their painting.


In 2015 Abraham Batzin Navichoc from Guatamala was the first artist to paint for See The Big Picture. His painting depicts an old lady weaving a colorful cloth in the traditional Mayan way; she seems to be amused at by the bright birds that fly around her as she weaves.
We decided to use one of these impish birds for our symbol. To be the messenger for art & peace as it wanders far and wide.

In simple black and white, our symbol invites you to fill it with colors of your choice. Just as each of us decides the colors we put into our own lives. We each decide how much we will put into our sometimes drab societies though we know we are all responsible to bring change and variety into our surroundings.
Black and white is unidimensional. Its borders are rigid. While colors flow, mingle and create new possibilities. Our symbol is an invitation to you to cross borders of race, creed and nationality. To depict a big picture of this wonderful world we call home.