As a new member of the team of See The Big Picture, I now have the honour of introducing myself. From now on, I’m going to keep the news blog and the Facebook account of See The Big Picture updated. In this I will try to keep you updated on artists submitting to See The Big Picture and I will try to do get up as many creative posts as possible.

However, it would be boring to only have one person putting up creative content in a project that is about building bridges, wouldn’t it? So I want to ask everybody who reads this to submit their own creative posts. These could be poems, short stories, photographs or drawings with short captions, slogans, quotes or whatever you could possibly imagine because I’m open to all ideas. Everything can be submitted to me by sending to

Now there’s not many rules about submissions to me but there are a few that I’d like you to consider before submitting any piece of content.

These rules are as follows:

1. Submissions have to be in English. The reason for this is that the official language of See The Big Picture is English and English is also a very commonly spoken language which helps making this blog more easily accessible for a broad audience.

2. This isn’t a political platform. See The Big Picture is about building bridges between people rather than trying to convince anybody that this or that political view is right, so this is no place for political statements.

3. This isn’t a religious platform. Pretty much the same as with Rule #2 applies.

After having put in the important information I would like to introduce myself as a person.

My name is Michael Rene Meixner and I was born in March 2000 in southern Styria in Austria. I’m currently a pupil at Neues Gymnasium Leoben and spend my leisure time writing poetry, reading, planning travels, and wandering around with friends.

As a child I moved around a lot with my grandparents and mother which has inspired my love for travel and all this alongside my own partially Togolese heritage made me grow to appreciate intercultural dialogue which is why I really appreciate the opportunity to be part of a project that is about building bridges rather than walls.