On two young, exciting artists of See The Big Picture

It’s a pleasure to present you some of the newest artists who are now submitting to See The Big Picture.

Diana Davtian (on the left) is an Ukrainian artist who is originally from Charkiw, Ukraine but currently based in Graz, Austria where she is currently attending a Painting MA course at Ortweinschule. In her art the artist whose parents are of Armenian origin focuses on expressing emotions to her audience which she doesn’t always do through painting but also through sculpting or photography. Her focus on emotional expression is also what attracted her to See The Big Picture as she sees it as a great opportunity for young artists to tell their stories and communicate their feelings.

Raphaela Krassnitzer (on the right) is a young, aspiring artist from Leoben, Austria who is currently a pupil at Neues Gymnasium Leoben. To her art is also a way of expressing her emotions and showing others her perspective on life and everything involved in it but also as a way of making people feel joy and enthusiasm. The aspect of art as a medium of self-expression was her motivation to join The Big Picture because to her it isn’t only a way of showing her own point of view but having it connected to that of people of various different nationalities and cultures other than her own.