Dear Tenerife

Here is a poem by Michael Rene Meixner about a second home.

Dear Tenerife,

It’s been a long time.

I hope you’re alright.

How is Domingo?

Climbing palm trees one after another

Or did he stop yet

And finally started listening to his wife?

Did Juana run away from you

Like she always said she would?

Is Alejo still trying to sell his souvenirs

In every new language that reaches his ears?

What about Alfonso?

Is he still illegally fixing cars

So his sick mother can move into a better place?

And how about you?

Did you wash your beaches clean yet?

Are your refugee children healing well

And do your natives still make tourists’ hearts dance?

Does the sun still kiss your streets

Every day with the fires of newly-lit passion?

And does your wind still serve as a lullaby

To palm trees?