We invite and welcome visual artists and photographers from across the globe to join us. See the Big Picture is open for professionals and non-professionals who have the creative ability to visually express their world.  

When participating, all participants need to accept that ‘The Big Picture’ is one piece made by many artists and it can only be successful in the knowledge that all its contributors are equal though some maybe further along on their creative journey than others.

All participating artwork MUST be in the measurements given below to be part of the project.
It is also important to leave the two blank corners for every artwork where the painting from the previous and next artist will be filled. When sending us your painting, please give us your permission to fill in the blank corners. We will use the help of professional artists to fill in these corners and combine the pictures.

There is no limitation on the subject you wish to depict in your contributed artwork barring that it is not of a pornographic nature, depicts any political, religious or commercial agenda. 

Paintings that do not conform to the subject or size criteria set above will not be displayed in the project.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please write to us at:

Please also accept and mail a signed copy of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of participation given below along with your contribution.


Articles Of Agreement

See The Big Picture

Art.1 Every single artist agrees that his or her workpiece is not as important as the collective work.

 Art.2 Every artist commits to the idea of See The Big Picture as presented on the website (unchanged as per November 2016).

Art.3 Each painting and backstory is an artist’s statement of their commitment to the collective idea of See The Big Picture.

Art.4 Every artist commits to the idea of See The Big Picture in good faith and the organizers pledge to promote the idea to the very best of their abilities and capacities.

Art.5 Every artist concedes that See The Big Picture is about the whole piece of art, the message and the idea, not the singular artists’ paintings.

Art.6 Regular progress updates and news (press or otherwise) will be posted on the website.

Art.7 The initiator and “father” of the idea of See The Big Picture is Desmond Doyle of Vordernberg, Austria.

Art.8 For the purposes of promoting the idea and organizing exhibitions, power of disposition over the paintings is given to Desmond Doyle; paintings contributed cannot be given back to the artists as these have become part of See The Big Picture.

Please remember that we are all trying to create a piece of art spanning all ages, religions, sexes, ethnicities and nationalities, to leave a lasting work of art to all the world. If you choose to do so, please commit fully to the idea of See The Big Picture.